Day 5: Let’s Watch An Anime Together.

Watching together with someone breath new life into the anime.

Fresh anime or old re-watch, this is a valuable experience I think and hope everyone get to enjoy.

I have completed many re-watch together with my partner. Each show feels different. Each anime that we watch together generates new experience.

I would find out new details that I missed. I would exchange different perspectives. I would anticipate my partner’s reaction to the twist and turns, and reveal of big events, or small humour.

Best of all, I can tackle new or old shows that I was not that interested in. This let me explore anime more widely. Ore Monogatari is such an example. I wasn’t sure how the story is going to continue after the first few episodes.

I was glad that my partner picked this up and I was surprised at how entertaining and heartwarming the latter episodes are, despite my fear that the show will run dry of things or events or drama seeing how early the main couple got together.

Watching anime with someone feels really nice. I love to do more of these.

I really hope everyone has that someone, or even a group, to watch anime with together. I’m also thinking that an anime group watch will have a vastly different experience as well.

This short piece is part of the 12 DAYS OF ANIME 2017 aniblogging series. Sharing anime enjoyment is good! It’s in the intrinsic nature of aniblogging. Thank you appropriant for hosting this and the opportunities it brings.

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