Day 4: Why I Stopped Watching Gurren Lagann [Spoiler]

It is exactly because of spoiler.

While in the middle of the season, I caught wind of what happened at the ending of the show. From there, because I just can’t stand not know and being impatient, I read the whole summary of it.

Because of how melancholic and even how sad the ending is, it put me away from finishing the show. I do not have the desire to go through that sadness.

Spoiler is a big hurdle for my anime viewing experience. Eureka Seven is another show that I spoiled myself and still is not finished. Even though, in this case it’s a good ending, I still did not manage to push through and finish it. This might be more to the case that the transition from third quarter to last quarter of the show lost its grip on my attention.

Spice and Wolf, too, is another one. Another melancholic ending.

Sword Art Online 2, Nisekoi, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, etc etc.

Even Monogatari Season 2 to a certain extend (It’s a sin, I know). But that’s probably for another post.

When I accidentally read or hear something about a show that I really like, especially if the spoiler is on something anxious, I just can’t help myself for wanting to immediately find out what happened so that I can put myself at ease.

I hope one day I will go back and complete the those anime that I put off, because they really are high quality contents that worth finishing.

Or I will have my partner to tag along for those shows because I realise that watching an anime alone and watching with someone can have vastly different experience, which leads to my next blog post.


This short piece is part of the 12 DAYS OF ANIME 2017 aniblogging series. I started having trouble coming up with ideas, so I decided to just run with a short and simple one, hopefully giving me ideas for the next post…and it works! Thank you appropriant for hosting this and the opportunities it brings.

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