A fraction of the Haikyuu!! greatness.

Ah… Haikyuu!! Season 1 was really, really good. Just finished it and jump straight into the now airing season 2. In S2, there is a new manager who joined the Karasuno volleyball family, Yachi.

Who is just so adorkable.

Who is just so adorkable.

I find one thing particularly interesting about this new addition to the cast. Yachi started as an outsider who knew nothing about volleyball and the club, and was portrayed just as so – clumsy and awkward.  However when she gets to know more and more, we can very clearly see her different reactions: in awe with what she sees and hear for the first time and can’t help getting excited; essentially getting carried along by the high energy that the club exhibits.

These emotions are familiar. Because these are the emotions that we as audience felt when we started the first episode of Haikyuu!!. To me who knows nothing about volleyball and the energy that it contains, those are the feelings I had when I just started watching. Even until now I still feel them- feeling at awe, getting inspired, being motivated, and riding along its energy.

Yachi being introduced into the cast might be one way to remind us how it feels like to be thrown into a new exciting world, as we watch our reactions and emotions shown again by her.

By the way, I feel that she has the same vibe as Hinata, which is great! Also, side-tail ❤

5 thoughts on “A fraction of the Haikyuu!! greatness.

  1. Yachi is so much fun to watch. At the beginning of the second season she wasn’t able to cheer for the team because of her shyness, but lately you can see her being more vocal from the side of the court! She slowly gets used to them, giving small and simple advice, kindly ‘bossing’ the dorks around. Thinking about 3rd years graduating sure is hard but I kind of want to see how Yachi will do as the manager. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

    In terms of pairing, I always thought that she was bisexual; she was going all squishy for both Hinata and Shimizu. Whoever she ends up with, I think it feels natural for me. (●´艸`)


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