Relaxed Recommendation – #1

“Ringo Hiyori: The Wolf Whistling Song”
Spice and Wolf (Ōkami to Kōshinryō)

Spice and Wolf 2

One of my all time favorite anime.

Holo’s girlish appearance may fool you many times. Playful, affectionate, and flirtatious at times towards Lawrence, she is very adored and likable. But one should never forget the other sides of her. Her hundred-years wisdom together with a haughty, prideful, manipulative, and sharp-tongue personality demands that you respect her. Her superiority is not easily shrugged aside.

Very fond of her character. Then there is Lawrence, the smart merchant that everyone wishes to be. Intelligent, cunning, skeptical, honest, and affectionate.

Spice and Wolf is essentially a tale of romance and commerce, and of human nature, splashed with shades of society. One crafted with many, many witty, humorous banter.

A show that makes me want to learn Japanese to read the original work.

Spice and Wolf 1Spice and Wolf 3

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