A Fraction Of – #2

Are we all just sheep?

Sometimes I wonder, are we all just influenced by the voices of the ‘society’ or ‘community’? The words, the messages, the stories, propelled by the almighty social medias, gaining momentum, eventually reaching us like waves, almost forcing us to accept them as the truth so that we don’t drown in it. But how true it can be?

With context: A leader is accused for wrongdoings by people in and outside of the country. The accusations are not without proof. The leader denied, defense itself with seemingly outrageous reasons. Further political acts by the leader raised more suspicions that no doubt can be backed with more reasons, outrageous or not.

It all seem certain- the leader is a bad bad person, so certain that it is almost natural that it is the truth.

But is it? Is it really? If we backtrack a bit, where do all these information come from? How many of us have seen the evidences with our own eyes? How many of us actually know that it is 100% the truth?

To entertain the possibilities, could it be that the leader is framed? Framed in such an almost perfect way that there is no way out like in fictions and tales? Could it be that social medias are working their magic, stacking the information with more information, reinforcing the skewed and biased, rinse and repeat?

To throw in a caution, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”. When rumor spoken enough by many becomes less of a rumor and more of a confusing pile of stuffs, stuffs that can be easily manipulated.

Could there be a possibility that we are being manipulated and herded? Do we even entertain that possibility? Because frankly, all we have are just words from others; Some people saying something, others agreeing in split second, almost like we are such united people! What better to result in mass agreement than a common enemy, even if there’s a tiny chance that it isn’t the enemy? That can really get rolling real fast, real quick. We don’t even know how real the evidences can be! (Really, think about it.) With enough cynicism, all evidences are open to forgery; all proof are vulnerable to manipulation. Simply saying, there is no 100% certainty.

So, how many of us actually paused and thought it through? Just stopped and be a devil’s advocate for a second?

Of course this doesn’t only applies to the specific context, there are many more situations that relate to the herd, oh, so many, many more. Not to mention how that can be exacerbated by mass confirmation bias.

I myself does not believe that the leader has no stains on its hands, and also its pockets. However, I am willing to entertain the possibility that we might all just be sheep that got herded around, and we are all just frakking idiots.

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